12″ French Quarter Candle Lantern (candle not included) 12″x7″


This 12” French Quarter lantern has become very popular with our walk-in customers. Many customers request one or two to use as candle lanterns for use on a table top or hung from ribbon on a patio or hung from a tree for a picnic. Our customers have come up with many unique uses for this superbly hand-crafted 12” lantern.

This lantern is also available as electric with a variety of bracket styles. Note, this lantern is too small to be a gas lantern, it just gets too hot.

Electric Options

Gas Options (Includes 120V Hot Surface Igniter options)

The Igniter allows you turn on the gas lantern at the flip of a switch.

Glass Options

Lanterns come with clear glass


12″ French Quarter Candle Lantern (candle not included)