London Street 35″ 6-Sided (Shown on Hanging Brass Chain with Five Candelabra Assembly)


Electric Options

Gas Options (Includes 120V Hot Surface Igniter options)

The Igniter allows you turn on the gas lantern at the flip of a switch.

Brackets *

All brackets are made of Steel painted black. Stainless Steel and Navel Brass available upon request. Modification and Custom Brackets available.

Color *

Glass Options

Lanterns come with clear glass



This is New Orleans Gas & Electric Lights’ homage to what most gas light aficionados consider to be the most striking gas light ever deigned. This hand-crafted six-sided London Street Lantern (35″) is suspended by a brass chain and illuminated by five candles to compliment its unmistakable regal crown and glorious roof. Available in natural gas, LP, or electric versions.