French Quarter Lantern on Sculpted Yoke



Electric Options

Gas Options (Includes 120V Hot Surface Igniter options)

The Igniter allows you turn on the gas lantern at the flip of a switch.

Copper Top *

Top glass panes are replaced by copper panels.

Ladder Bar

The Ladder Bars add a touch of historic character to the lantern.

Total Height (ceiling to bottom of the lantern in inches) *

Glass Options

Lanterns come with clear glass

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New Orleans Gas & Electric Lights Sculpted Yoke is the preferred yoke for large and/or more elegant applications.

Selected for Southern Living’s 2010 Louisiana Idea house.

The Ladder Stem helps resist movement while increasing esthetic appeal; this version includes the historic Ladder Bar option. Different Stem options Available.

The yoke shown is cradling the traditional French Quarter Style lantern with the optional ladder rack and copper top panels. A truly majestic ceiling mount option.